Video Scribing, another way to tell your story!

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Definition of video scribing

Video scribing, also called explanatory video, comic video or whiteboard animation, is an original medium with many virtues. Its basic principle is to bring together drawings, texts and voice-overs in a classic video format, in order to tell a story in a different way. By providing a great freedom of creation, under the designer’s pencil everything is possible, the explanatory video is perfectly in line with story telling tools.

The advantages of an explanatory video

Video scribing has many virtues. It allows you to:

  • Capture attention: A comic video is based on an engaging format that captures the audience through the power of drawings and voice-over.
  • Make it easier to understand: as its name suggests, the primary purpose of an explanatory video is to explain! A light tone, a didactic scenario, an environment free of all superfluous information contribute to a better understanding of the messages conveyed.
  • Foster memorization: the use of a multisensory universe (voice, drawings, texts) makes it possible to use different forms of memory (auditory, visual, emotional) and to “impregnate” its audience more durably.
  • Increase visibility: at a time when video is taking an increasingly important place in corporate content, explanatory video makes it possible to feed your website, blog or Youtube channel and take advantage of its viral power on social networks.
  • Controlled costs: the production costs of video scribing are much lower than those incurred for the production of a classic video, which requires more human and technical resources.

The uses of video scribing

The explanatory video is a transmission tool. It can therefore be useful where messages need to be conveyed, good practices shared, etc. Among the main uses of video scribing, we can note:

  • Launching a new product or service: videos can be used externally (website, blog, conferences, social networks, etc.) or reserved for prospects (integrated into recommendations).
  • Materialize a concept, an idea: thanks to drawings, products, services or practices that do not yet exist can come to life and have more weight to convince internal sponsors or investors.
  • Dynamic presentations: treat numerical presentations, study results, etc. in a different and more playful way.
  • Mark an event: the company’s 10th anniversary summarized in two minutes, greetings to customers, etc.
  • Training and sharing of best practices: video scribing is an excellent support to help people understand specific points of a training or to promote good practices internally. In addition to the traditional supports, it allows to vary the learning levers.

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