Trying To Connect Your Brand With Gen-Z? Be Socially Aware

Trying To Connect Your Brand With Gen-Z? Be Socially Aware

Facebook commissioned a survey by Crowd DNA and found that almost 68% of 18 to 24 years olds are drawn towards the brands that contribute to society and are aware of the social issues.

Brands must know that GenZ (young adults between the age of 18-24) is a powerful block. Mostly young adults consider themselves as “global citizens”, which means they are aware of the fact that their action bears global consequences.

“This generation often puts aside its differences and rallies around causes that will benefit the greater good,” wrote Facebook. But, what does this mean for brands?

There is absolutely no doubt that the current generation is the most aware and ‘woke’ generation due to all the technological advancement and information reaching them with just a click. As per the report, 68% of youngsters’ wants the brand to contribute to the social causes directly and 60% were willing to pay extra for a product/service if they are ethical and sustainable. In short, GenZ wants brands to be socially conscious.

Every issue holds equal responsibility but brands that talk and work around gender equality make users feel more positive towards them. Our new generation is all about destroying the preconceptions around gender and is about acknowledging characters.

Gen Z feels disconnected with the brands that lack diversity in advertising. Total of 70% of the participants in the survey wanted more diversity and brands ignoring the inclusivity are dismissing potential customers, by a large scale.

Why this piece of NEWS important?

It is about time that marketers must understand what motivates Gen Z consumers. Advertisers who are shy enough to not address the socially-charged issue are risking a large chunk of audiences.

The new generation with purchasing-power is more aware than ever. They understand their duties and wouldn’t mind reminding brands of theirs.

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