Top Three Strategies to Boost your Mobile Application Downloads

Top Three Strategies to Boost your Mobile Application Downloads

Are you about to launch your new mobile application? Give a tap at your back, if the answer is YES! However, the question is; what if nobody downloads it? The struggle did not end at launching the app, whereas it is the just start. No matter how much hard work and efforts you have put in finalizing the design, app icon, and everything, if nobody is downloading it, it is of no use. But, you do not have to worry about this issue because we are here to help you. Pick up your mobile phone and call Crux Creative Solutions, the leading SEO Company in Gurgaon.

Both the App Store and Play Store together have more than four million apps and research says that the mobile users download around three apps per month. Thus, with so many apps available, the users have an immense variety of options, and this makes difficult to urge the user to download the app. As a top SEO Company in Gurgaon, we understand the need for a higher number of downloads. Therefore, we are here with some effective strategies to boost your mobile application downloads.

App Store Optimization:

Like Search Engine Optimization, App Store Optimization is the soul to gain profits on the app store. However, it is a crucial way to improve rankings because it takes constant efforts. Most of the marketers think that app store rankings depend upon metadata such as keywords, ratings, description, and reviews. Well, App Store Optimization is more than this! Some of the metrics that affect the app store rankings are as follows:

  • Keyword Rankings
  • App Store Impressions
  • Number of Downloads


You also need to track keywords for different categories. For example, getting your app rank higher for the causal games keywords is much difficult than the keywords for music and trivia games.

App Icon:

Create an enticing app icon to get your app higher on the app store! Your app icon is the first thing that a user sees on the store, so the icon you choose should be easily recognizable and eye-catching. If your app has an attractive app icon, then it can prompt the users to check it out, when they make a search on the app store. It should be a clear representation of the business you hold. Make it uncluttered, straightforward, and not too flashy for the eye!

Ask for Reviews:

The positive reviews posted by the users for your app on the app store helps in improving the app downloads rapidly. Reviews that divulge positive things about your app hit the chord of the users and make them understand that it is worth downloading. As a top SEO Company in Gurgaon, we feel it is important to tell you that always go for organic reviews. They are more valuable than fabricated reviews. If you ever have tempted towards the paid reviews, then control your mind and stop thinking about it. Because, if the app store finds out that you are using paid reviews to gain better results, it can even suspend your app entirely.

Above are the simple steps to gain the best results for your app! No matter how good your app is, you need an effective app store strategy to get on the road of higher downloads. Moreover, if you need any kind of help regarding your mobile application growth, call us. Our SEO experts sitting in the Gurgaon office know all the possible ways to bless you with the best results.


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