Top Distribution Channel For Publishing Content Over Internet

Top Distribution Channel For Publishing Content Over Internet

In this time and age of the digital revolution, marketing strategies are forever evolving. In order to make your mark in the internet world, it is now almost mandatory to make the presence felt at all kind of platforms. Sharing your content via email is an old age concept and marketing strategy is not limited to just 1 or 2 medium. We, at Crux Creative Solutions, the leading digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR create content for you to distribute across multiple channels. This, in turn, will make your company appear on top searches, increase the visibility, thus, increasing sales.

Being an experienced Digital marketing company in Gurgaon, the Crux Team involves itself in your company’s growth process by creating exclusive, SEO targeted content. This gives your company a unique brand image, gaining the trust of the customers and makes you stand out from the competitions.

Below is the list of channels to distribute content and how Crux Creative Solution, through its digital marketing strategies, power up the reachability to the targeted audience.


The most popular channel and internet’s best feature in today’s time are social media. The few mainstreams and popular social media platforms are- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Most of the targeted audiences are in and around at least one of the above mentioned social media platform. The creative digital marketing company in Gurgaon, Crux Creative solutions, creates unique content and post, specially designed for you.


If one wishes to have free traffic on their website, blogging is the answer. At Crux, with proper research and SEO, we efficiently increase the traffic count for the website. It is the best way to establish your brand in the market.


Creating a brand image or advertising your product/service/company announcements through video content, short videos, GIF is the solid way of garnering quick attention. The biggest video sharing platform is YouTube and then the content from there is shared all across social media platforms, creating sudden buzz. Crux Creative Solutions create unique, attention-grabbing content as a marketing tool. We are the best digital marketing company in Delhi NCR, based out of Gurgaon, we provide you with the error-free, flawless content matching the needs.


EBooks are digitalized book to be read on eReaders and similarly, Podcasts are kind of audio content, both have the accessibility and is on a constant rise, given its nature of being simpler and hassle-free.


The online forum is the space where people with specific interests join a group. Related content like image, blogs, articles, images are posted on the group keeping people engaged and interested. Facebook has various groups and community. We, at Crux, design content for our client to be posted on such multiple platforms.


Even with various platforms, email remains the personal and favorite space for communicating important details. Email marketing is still the most popular and highest revenue generating medium when it comes to digital marketing. Crux creative solution is one of the leading digital marketing company in India, providing services to boost our client’s market presence with unique marketing tools.

Cannot figure out the medium to publish the content or kind of content to be published? Connect with Crux Creative Solution, the leading Digital marketing Service in Gurgaon, we are always eager to provide our clients with top-notch service.


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