Top 5 tips for getting the most from your sales brochures

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In spite of the increasing popularity of digital marketing, the printed sales brochures are continuing to prove their efficiency. We have printed thousands of commercial brochures for hundreds of customers at the Offset 5. Whether it is used as a unique marketing tool, or printed brochures are part of your overall marketing plan, this marketing tool can deliver a significant amount of messages to your targeted audience.

Brochures still represent one of the most widely used marketing tools in companies today.

There are a few good practices that deserve to be shared by our experts to make your printed brochures stand out.

The cover must be perfect!!

Out of all the recommendations, most important by far is the first. Good or bad impressions, as for a meeting, are made at first sight. The same applies to printed brochures. Cover is the trigger for the good or bad impression. So ensure that your target audience is attracted at first sight and wants to open your printed brochure.

You know, an old-timer cover is the insured gadget.

The front cover of your printed brochure must be very well designed both visually and in terms of the messages it delivers.

You aim is to attract attention at first sight to impress, then to attract your target audience to open your brochure to learn more about you, your products, your services. As a tip, please don’t put them on the cover.

A quality design and layout is essential!

If you are uncertain about design and layout… call a professional. A poorly designed printed brochure is a waste of money… and perhaps the most efficient way to serve your cause. A non-professional look for a corporate brochure and your brand image will suffer.

As long as your products and services target the high-end and luxury domain, and it’s a guaranteed slap…

At Offset 5 we have printed brochures for both large and small customers. If there’s one thing to remember, it’s this one.

No design professional is professional by any chance. So if you are not in the profession, call on a graphic design studio or a creative design agency specializing in print products.

Of course, content is king.

A brochure can be beautiful, trendy, the finish and the cut can be perfect. If the content is not there… you will miss your goal to attract and convince.

The content of your printed brochure should be clear and easy to read.

A tip : During a speech in public, a white placed at the right moment is more impacting than a sentence boat… For a printed brochure, it is the same thing: A visual well-chosen, even a plain color is very often as effective as a long text.

Be careful with your visuals.

All the graphics that you will use in your printed brochures must have a minimum quality of 300DPI. When you see images that look good enough on a computer screen, they can be blurred and pixellated as soon as they are sent to an offset or digital press. Ensure the quality of your photos.

In addition, we advise you to avoid generic bank images, views and reviews. Your printed brochure might look unoriginal, already seen, classic.

Select the right paper

It is as important as design and graphics to choose the right paper for your printed brochure. According to your objective, you can choose from a very wide range of quality. From matt to glossy, from 90g to 250g, take the time to discuss your printing objective with your graphic designer.

He will then guide you so that you make the right choice. Choosing the right paper for the target of your printed brochure will undeniably make a difference.


These few tips will seem very basic to some, and difficult for others? Whatever marketing objective you set for your printed brochure, it is essential to take your time. Doing things in a hurry is the best way to make a bad investment.

Remember: If this is not your core business, call in a professional. Our team is at your disposal to assist you in all phases of your printing projects: Consulting, Design, Creation, Printing, Shaping and Shipping.


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