Top 5 Most Relevant Digital Marketing Articles 2018

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1. Do not misuse the event mark-up

A lot of websites frequently use the event mark-up to highlight their coupons and vouchers in the search results. This Event Markup Plan can only be used for genuine events such as concerts, festivals or parties. Google now aims to eradicate this by penalizing websites that misuse the event markup. Read the complete blog post on the website of Google Webmasters.

2. Conversion hotel: the most important insights

A conference which will not be well known to everyone, but is certainly worth the visit! You will be fully engulfed in the world of Growth Strategy, UX, Copywriting, Analytics, Pyschology and much more for 3 days!

You should definitely remember the following insights:

  • Good base and less sexy stuff
  • User testing is not pointless
  • Decide based on your emotions
  • Continual improvement
  • Record the ethics of your job

3. Most websites rank fine without link building

Link-building is essential for SEO, we do not deny that, but John Mueller (Webmasters Trends Analyst at Google) now claims that most websites score well without link building. Is that to say that you should not do any more link building? no, link building is and remains one of the most influential SEO factors. First and foremost, ensure that your website SEO is 100% up to date and create high quality content for your target audience.

4. Seo? Absolutely not important!

Following tweet by Dave Lorrez shook and woke us up…

He tweeted “top 10 positions in Belgium are held by ‘.eu’ domain names!”

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