Three ways how E-mail Marketing Improves SEO of your Website

Three ways how E-mail Marketing Improves SEO of your Website

Do you want to know how e-mail marketing can bring miracles to your website’s SEO? Find it out with Crux Creative Solutions, the leading SEO Company in Gurgaon! All the online businesses understand that Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing go together. However, we are now introducing a fifth wheel – E-mail Marketing! Let us find out the three simple ways that e-mail marketing uses to thrive good SEO results for your website.

Promote your Content through E-mail Marketing:

Do not let your writer’s efforts lost in archives! They had to ponder a lot for writing a piece of content. Send a weekly or monthly digest to your potential audience through e-mails. This will increase visibility and will bring traffic to your website. Many brands apply this strategy to increase their traffic. We are sure that you also get dozens of newsletter and articles every week on your e-mail.

Boost your Social Media Engagement through E-mail Marketing:

Social Media may not seem to be paramount of SEO, but it is a way to gain good traffic results for your website! It can increase your visibility, traffic, reach to the larger audience, and attract more backlinks. And, you can effectively use e-mails to boost your social media engagement rate. How will you do that? Create attractive e-mailers with CTA to leave a comment on your blog or visit your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter page. This will keep your subscribers engaged to your website and social pages both.

Look at the example of Chumbak! They have social media buttons at their footer page and a SHOP NOW button to boost their sales.


Build a great online Reputation through E-mail Marketing:

The better reputation you hold in the market, the better is the chance to get back linked with the A-list publishers. But, how will you build your online reputation? The two things that help the most in building brand reputation are quality content and quality traffic. E-mail marketing also gives a big help in this virtue. You can create personalized subject lines and provide your readers with up-to-date content and you can introduce a feedback system through e-mails and showcase your expertise and willingness to help the subscribers in case they have any difficulties with using your service or products. This will help you in positioning yourself as a trustworthy source of information, encouraging users to come back to your website.

Quality content, high social media engagement rate, and great reputation are the three factors responsible for improved SEO results! As an experienced SEO Company in Gurgaon, we believe e-mail marketing is a big savior for achieving all these factors. To know more from us, visit our Gurgaon office. We would love to hear from you!

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