Three Things to Track while Analysing your Social Media Marketing Efforts!

Are your social media platforms working well in driving traffic to your website? If not then give us a call today! Crux Creative Solutions, Best Social Media Marketing Company in Gurgaon has a team of expert social media marketers to provide the best social media reports of your business. After all, platforms like Instagram and Facebook are one of the most used internet platforms these days.  In this article, we are suggesting the three metrics that will analyse your social media marketing efforts. Let us have a look!

Track Content on your Social Platforms: Following this activity on your social media accounts allows you to analyse the content that you share and understand your audience patterns. Imagine you are posting 75% of graphic content and 25% of written content on your brand’s social media account. How are they performing? Are they attracting potential customers or not? You get answers for these questions. Moreover, tracking content on social platforms also helps you in identifying the right time when you need to make changes. As a reputable social media marketing company in Gurgaon, we suggest keeping an eye close on the link posts, video posts, text posts, text-image posts, and whatever content you use to impress your audience.

Keep track on time: At what time do you post content on your social media accounts is an important factor for attracting the audience. You should understand that what time of the day engages your audience the most and are your posts and time of publishing relevant. Imagine you are uploading thought of the day picture in noontime! It will be of no use and your efforts will go in vain. We at Crux Creative, top social media marketing company in Gurgaon suggest creating a spreadsheet of social media insights. In your spreadsheet, include what time attracts the user most, how the audience connects to your posts at different times of the day, and more aspects related to social media performance.

Track your Audience: The audience is supreme in the Digital industry! What we do is all for converting the potential audience into the converting audience. As a top social media consultant, we say tracking your target audience helps in determining whether your audience is engaging with your content or not. If you produce products for men’s and you have mostly women in your follower’s list, then you are facing an audience alignment issue. Starts keeping a track on your total followers, how many are male and female, how many are the new users and how many are the existing users. Moreover, several tools are available now, which helps in analysing your social media influence on the target audience.

Social media analytics is not just looking at your engagement and reach. It requires analyzing efforts of what you are doing and what your competitors are doing to increase their popularity. Social media strategists at Crux Creative Solutions are a home of super effective tricks to boost your business on social media as well as on the search engines. Give us a call today on +91-124-4207905 or Email us here to stay on top among your competitors!


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