The six characteristics of effective social selling content

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In social selling, high quality content marketing is imperative for your sales people to generate many leads and turn them into customers. So let’s look at the six characteristics of effective social selling content.

To generate a lot of contacts, your content must:

  • be very relevant and adapted to the degree of maturity of your prospects in their purchasing path;
  • provide your prospects with a real plus, ideally information they have not found on the Internet;
  • do not appear too “seller” or promotional;
  • be of quality, offer real references, and support your business objectives.

So, the future of your business linked largely to the ability of your sales people to generate a continuous flow of qualified leads, depends on your content marketing.

1. It must be very relevant

Without relevant content, you will be unable to attract and convert your prospects. You must define the precise profiles of the buyers, and then address their specific needs and concerns according to their purchasing context. Answering their questions, solving their vital problems, and impressing them with your original and valuable content, will help you gain their trust.

2. It must bring real value

Offer the type of information that arouses curiosity and a desire to learn more about your company. Deliver real value with unique content. Whenever possible, answer vital questions with fresh information and new perspectives. As content marketing is becoming more prolific and competitive, you must work hard to showcase your business as a leader in its field. Provide valuable information while demonstrating your expertise.

3. It should not appear too “seller”.

Content that is too “selling” is contrary to the philosophy of content marketing: providing useful information for the daily work of your prospects. The social selling approach, which aims to inspire confidence, is not to immediately engage in a commercial discussion with a new prospect. Therefore, any direct sales solicitation in the content will not be well received by your prospects. Content marketing is about attracting prospects, not chasing them or forcing them to buy. Let your prospects eager to receive more information from you. Then you can convert them into new customers through calls to action.

4. It must be of high quality

Poorly written content will not accurately reflect your expertise or showcase your leadership. Low quality content will not add value to your business and will damage your reputation. Spend the time and talent to create content that “shines” your business, and make sure your editorial process avoids mistakes.

5. It must offer real references

Since the purpose of content marketing is to promote your business, it may seem biased. Avoid this obstacle with solid references in the form of customer testimonials and case studies, which will also make your content unique and dynamic. This is called storytelling. This practice is excellent for highlighting your success stories, because your prospects will identify with them and understand your messages better. It can have a great impact on social networks and thus increase your traffic rates and lead generation.

6. It must support your business objectives

Your content must support your business objectives. Keep these goals in mind throughout the content production process. You need content that highlights your company’s expertise in a particular field and increases its visibility. Don’t forget to help your audience with useful and concrete advice. Offer content so rich that it encourages reading and broad sharing on social media, extending your reach and increasing your chances of attracting new prospects. To know more about social selling and social media marketing, click here to contact us.

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