The Rise Of Ethical Ecommerce: 4 Sustainable Fashion Wear Brands


We have been witnessing a rise in consumer awareness. There has been a significant rise in the environmental and ethical footprint of their purchases. Initially, the focus was on the ‘real’ impacts but recently consumers have been digging deep into ‘hidden’ impacts and cost of eCommerce as well- and consumerism in general. Recently, various companies have been given flak for wasting resources in excessive packaging, for not being sustainable and far worse for cruelty on animals etc. So, before partnering with an eCommerce website development company to create a brand name for you, it is mandatory to perform ethically.

Therefore, consumers are rewarding merchants who resonate with their value system. Now, consumers are smart and have been asking questions:

  • Did they really need this much packaging to hold this little of the product?
  • How far has this been shipped?
  • Was this made using ethical means?
  • How much of social responsibility is understood by this eCommerce?


Crux Creative Solutions, a leading eCommerce website development company in Gurgaon, will fulfill the needs of developing/redesigning of an eCommerce website, but it is crucial for the clients to adhere to their ethical responsibilities.

Consumers have been increasingly guided by the moral ethics and value while making purchasing decisions and every brand and merchant, whether big or small are using digital means to appeal to consumers’ values.

We have made a list of 4 fashion wear brand that caters to this very idea of ethical business in India:

  1. Ba Na Batwo

    They call themselves as ‘Modern day Rag Pickers’. The brand collects discarded plastics, cosmetic containers, clothes etc. to create jewelry, bags, wallets and stationeries. Ba Na Batwo is constantly looking for ways to redefine fashion by creating beautiful items from waste.

  2. Ka-Sha

    It is a brand founded by Pune-based Karishma Shahani-Khan, who is a London College of Fashion graduate. She creates clothing item and believes that nothing is a waste if utilized the right way.

  3. Upasna

    Upasana is a brand which firmly believes that fashion has the power to change lives. They’ve designed special projects and worked closely with various communities across the country. Varanasi Weavers and Kapas are two such programmes launched to support the weaving community in Varanasi and helping organic cotton farmers in Madurai, respectively.

  4. No Nasties

    India is an agrarian economy with about 70% of its people relying on agriculture as a means of sustenance, directly or indirectly. Despite this, the country witnesses farmer suicides every year due to lack of stable income and social security. No Nasties is a brand which aims to change this dismal scenario by being ‘100% organic, 100% fair trade clothing’. They pay fair wages to farmers and also offer them premiums for community development.

Any prime eCommerce website development company in India will firstly look into how ethical is your company’s day-to-day activities. So make sure to adhere to moral practices.

At Crux, our team of professionals is always working to make your website unique and tailored, connect with the leading eCommerce website development company in Delhi NCR and accomplish your dream of having a website of your own.

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