The new Instagram feature to share videos

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Last June, Instagram launched its new video-based feature: Instagram TV (IGTV)!

The social network, which now has more than 1 billion users, hopes to become Youtube’s direct competitor (owned by Google) in the booming video market.

Will Youtubers leave the platform to become Instagramers? That is the question! Since the Instagram social network launched its new TV functionality, we can create our own “channel”, just like on YouTube. The video sharing giant has obviously become a source of inspiration.

Instagram TV features

Videos published on IGTV can last up to 1 hour. While on the “classic” GI photo sharing account videos can not exceed 60 seconds.

They are available in full screen with a vertical format (wink to the stories) for an experience at the heart of mobile action.

You can immediately access IGTV videos through a dedicated section.

Simply press the new IGTV icon. If you do not see access, simply update Instagram on your phone.

When a new video that may be of interest to you is posted on IGTV, you will receive a notification.

IGTV has thought of everything!

And especially to conversions, with the possibility to add call to action to your videos. These links can be viewed by performing a “swipe up” without leaving the video.

How to create your Instagram TV account

To do this, you must:

  • create an Instagram account,
  • download the Instagram TV application, available in the Apple Store and Android,
  • import its videos if you already have them, or create its first video.
  • How to use Instagram TV?

Instagram TV videos are automatically launched to discover several of them easily.

There are 4 feeds available:

  • for you,
  • subscriptions,
  • grassroots
  • continue watching (to resume video playback).

The videos are displayed in full screen at the top and the feed at the bottom. To find new videos, nothing could be easier, just swipe from left to right.
While watching a video, you can interact by loving it, commenting on it or sharing it with a friend through Instagram Direct.

The new Instagram feature to share videos

This new tool must be part of your brand’s global storytelling. For several years, there has been an impressive growth in video content. But beware of the trend: not every new tool on social media should be exploited by brands.

Some platforms do not correspond to the strategies, personality, people and targets of the brands. If they throw themselves everywhere, it’s a sure thing!

Before you start head down on IGTV, ask yourself several questions:

  • Is this new lever part of my global communication strategy?
  • Will the storytelling deployed on IGTV serve the editorial and branding strategy? Does this format feed my brand?
  • What added value will I bring to this new ecosystem?
  • Will I offer something extra to my community?

These first lines of thought will allow you to know whether or not to launch yourself on this platform.

The only limit to video content is creativity. The themes are diverse and varied: roadtrip in heavenly places in the most beautiful places on the planet, beauty tutorials, cooking recipes to become the next Cyril Lignac. In short, anything is possible!

Choose a tailor-made, quality content with a strong scenario.
Don’t waste time vertically resizing a video to integrate it into IGTV. Everything must be thought of from the capture to the assembly with the constraint of verticality, so that the experience is as immersive as possible.

And be aware that audience concentration is becoming more and more volatile. It is overstretched by a monstrous amount of content. It is your scenario that will make the difference. It must be worked on in order not to lose the attention of InstagramTV’s viewers.

Not to mention the visual and aesthetic quality of the videos. This is a crucial issue. The Instagram force has always been the beautiful, the evasive, the original!

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