The Facts Behind New ‘Helpful’ Content Update from Google 2022

Many of us have been frustrated after visiting a website that appeared to provide what we were seeking but fell short of our expectations. You might not find the insights you’re looking for in the article, or it might not even seem like it was written for or even by a person.

Seems like Google has a solution these low quality content. The SEO town is quite abuzz with the recent ‘helpful’ content update from Google. So, what is this new helpful content update from Google that has got all of us talking? Let’s explore the facts below. 

The update on helpful content aims to remove articles that have been published solely to boost their search engine rankings but do not educate or assist readers. Through the helpful content update, Google is aiming to enhance the visibility of content that is original and helpful. 

According to Google, the change will “help ensure that unoriginal, low-quality content doesn’t rank prominently in search.” Therefore, if you write material with the intention of increasing search engine exposure and traffic, your content could be flagged down by Google. 

So when is all this set to take place? The update was announced on August 18 and the rolling out of the purported algorithm update is expected to begin by August 22. 

Google’s helpful content update advice

Google’s new update targets to take down the ‘SEO Content’ or the ‘Search Engine First Content’ which had set tongues waging on social media. These days, content on online platform has ceased to become educative. They are merely marketing materials which is purposefully crafted to rank better on search engines. 

When users delve deep into these high ranking pages, there is nothing written to benefit them. So if you are into the practice of publishing content for merely the purpose of SEO, then you have bad news in store. 

What Content will be Penalized Now?

  • Search engine specific content
  • Content that is irrelevant to your brand or target audience interests
  • Content which creates a false impression of having worthy information but lacking in real
  • Content which prompts further research to understand better

So which category of content will be most affected by the update from behalf of Google?
Currently, the content update can have a significant effect on English language ones only. However, the content update will be implemented for other languages in the future as well. 

Though the content update is not particularly directed to any industries or categories, Google has identified four content types that may be hit hard. 

  • Tech related
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Online Education 

With the new content update rollout in progress, there is a significant change in SERPs to be expected. We will also be seeing search results that will be more authentic and unique. 

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