The 3 enemies of Inbound Marketing

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Content is the fuel for lead machines, but the enemies of Inbound Marketing are numerous. The idea has made its way since Crux began in 2015 to do the evangelization of Inbound Marketing in India. But, by accompanying the brands in this kind of steps, we detected the three main causes of failure, that we will deliver you here.

Poor knowledge of the target

From a general point of view, at the base of any marketing system, there is the will to address a market, and therefore people. Depending on the product or service, the common points between consumers are large or small, but it is necessary to know them.

This necessity is reinforced when one wants to be discovered by the contents that one proposes. For an effective referencing, it is necessary to express itself on subjects of interest for the prospects, and in their terms.

To know the target, a work of persona, legend and why not interview, is vital to go in the right direction. We also recommend semantic cocoon work to identify the problems encountered.


To clients and prospects who ask us for editors or content managers specialized in their fields, we often answer that our editors are all trained journalists.

The main reason is that without the right tools and methodologies, regular writing quickly becomes a chore. Editors / journalists have the experience and know-how to constantly acculturate themselves on the subjects to cover and to follow the news.

Without rigor, the production of content becomes uneven and ends up floundering. And the lead machine loses its efficiency. In short, breathlessness is looming.

Wrong tools or skills

Even with a good knowledge of the target audience, writing content requires regular monitoring to know what works and what does not.

Analysis and monitoring are therefore necessary to perform in a sustainable manner. The right performance tracking tools, testing and continuous adaptation are necessary for the success of an Inbound acquisition strategy.

In addition, the type of digital marketing content has increased considerably. It is now necessary to produce eBooks, articles, videos, podcasts, all in a context of perpetual tests to understand the ins and outs of the market.

The skills and tools to group together to carry out a successful digital marketing strategy are therefore numerous and diverse.

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