Twitter Asked Investor to Not Track First-quarter Forecast, Despite the Hike in Usage

This development is an indicator that the entire pandemic situation of Coronavirus has affected all social media platforms. The microblogging platform, which is Twitter, have told reporters that they warned investors against the guidance revenues it gave last quarter. The financial flow is said to be suffering due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Even though the spread and people staying indoors […]

‘Fleets’- A Story like Feature on Twitter

According to a media report, the feature ‘Fleets’ is underway testing and it will allow users to upload ephemeral content that is up to two minutes to twenty seconds long. The ‘story’ feature, where the post lasts up to 24 hours and then disappear was first introduced to the general public by Snapchat. Soon after, Instagram, followed by Facebook and […]

Interdict Targeting Audience Via Postcode and Political Preferences- Twitter

As part of details on the political ad ban, campaign groups may continue to play advertisement on political issues, however, the social media giant will not allow to target small sections of users. In the past month, Twitter announced to ban any political ads on its platform. The recent development confirms that campaign groups may continue to advertise on political […]

Twitter To Ban Political Advertising!

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has stated that the company is in talks to ban political advertising as it could be a challenge to civic discourse and the means to check the spreading of fake information can be tough. On Wednesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said, “The Company was banning political advertising as internet political advertising presents new challenges to civic […]

What Is The Role Of Social Media In Digital Marketing?

Theoretically, people may not know what Social Media or Social Networks are. But, they surely associate the concept with the functions of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, among others. These make up the universe of interactivity, where content is the key to success. Social networks or social media, such as online media, are digital spaces where people share common interests. For […]