Social selling: 4 tips to follow to boost your business performance

The data to personalize your messages Social media give access to a dizzying database and multiply the sales force’s strike force, but that’s the trap. Indeed, if social media potentially give you access to millions of people, it is useless to want to reach everyone. Because not all buyers on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook are likely to be interested in […]

How To Automate Social Networks Intelligently

For many years, social media have become essential for communication and marketing strategy. There are some social media for all needs: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and many others. Each of these media is an acquisition channel for your marketing strategy and you should not deprive yourself of it! There is however a major problem: sharing content […]

Twitter provides a better conversation environment by tackling “trolls”

In March, Twitter introduced a new approach to improving the tone of public conversation on the social media platform. An important element that is now being tackled is the so-called ‘trolls’. Troll behaviour can be fun, well intention and humorous. But troll behaviour can also disrupt and distract public conversation on a social media platform, especially in conversations and within […]

10 quick tips to start with social media

In order to regain some control over the ever-changing digital world, we provide the 10 key elements of a strong social media strategy. 1. Who is your target audience? Have you already defined your target audience? But really determined? Who are the people who come into contact with your organisation the most? What is their age? Where do they live? […]

5 Circumstances In Which Email Marketing Is Essential For Your Marketing Strategy

Online marketing strategies often focus on social media, SEO and SEM. But this means that one of the most powerful marketing strategies is being neglected: e-mail marketing. Social Media, SEO and SEM are very valuable strategies to attract more visitors to your website. But when it comes to connecting with your audience, email marketing may be the best way. The […]