8 preconceived ideas about digital marketing

Digital marketing offers tools that can be very effective! These allow more communications options and any business to reach an international audience. However, some aspects of digital marketing are surrounded by myths and preconceived ideas. Many who believe in these myths are groping around and missing out on the possibilities of digital marketing. This article attempts to demystify certain myths […]

Why marketers prefer digital marketing over traditional marketing?

Are you a company looking to attract new customers? If so, you benefit from investing more in a digital marketing strategy rather than a traditional marketing campaign. Here’s why? Because the internet has no geographical limits Unlike traditional TV, radio or print advertising campaigns, digital marketing has no geographical limits in terms of the new markets you can acquire. Your […]

B2B Online Marketing To Build Your Digital Strategy

Internet has become an additional and essential channel in the company’s business development strategy to recruit new customers. Online marketing allows the company to benefit from buyer’s research on the internet, and to position the company at the right time in the buying cycle of B2B buyers. This new form of prospecting, whose objective is lead generation, uses various online […]

5 marketing automation misconceptions

Crux Creative Solutions is a Digital Marketing Services Agency in India have already realized the importance of automation marketing as one of the top trending activities over the last few years and digital marketing automation has given rise to many misconceptions as well.. Let’s discuss about the top 5 common marketing automation misconceptions. 1. The marketing automation is impersonal Automation […]

How important is the digital transformation?

Digital technology has drastically transformed the way companies operate. Use of new information and communications technologies is vital, especially to build customer loyalty and thus face competition. Crux Creative Solutions is a digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR that provides an online marketing service for all large to small scale companies. How does digital transformation work in practice? Digital has […]