Graphic Design Trends 2020

Time to look at the graphic design trends. What trends are there now and what can we expect? These are the graphic design trends: 1. Increased use of gradients Two colours that merge into one another. A flat design with areas of one colour is a trend that will continue in 2020. By adding a gradient to this design, you […]

Quick tips for great brochures

Brochures allow you to tell your customers more about your business. Whether you want to list more detailed information about your services, create a menu or build a deeper relationship with your customers, there’s room for all the details in a brochure. They’re easier to create than you think. Follow these simple steps to create a brochure you can be […]

Brochures: How to make the preface a success

In a novel, the first sentence is extremely important. It pulls the reader into the text – or makes him bored to cover the book. It’s similar with brochures. Nevertheless, you can read the same introduction countless times: “We are an international company that specializes in XY. Our customers include technology leaders in various industries. This requires the highest level […]

How to enhance your brochure with interviews

  Interviews are a good way to bring “life” into a brochure. They read with pleasure, because people (mostly) find other people interesting. With the right questions and good communication skills, employees, suppliers or customers are happy to open up and provide insightful information that not only offers the reader added value, but also appeals to the interpersonal level. Here […]