Designing Brochures: Caption Texting

Captions are among the most widely read texts in brochures. Why? Take a look at yourself: When you pick up a brochure designing, you usually start by quickly browsing through it, looking at the photos and reading the caption for those pictures that appeal to you most. Only then do you deal with the longer text blocks. Take advantage of […]

How To Automate Social Networks Intelligently

For many years, social media have become essential for communication and marketing strategy. There are some social media for all needs: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and many others. Each of these media is an acquisition channel for your marketing strategy and you should not deprive yourself of it! There is however a major problem: sharing content […]

B2B Online Marketing To Build Your Digital Strategy

Internet has become an additional and essential channel in the company’s business development strategy to recruit new customers. Online marketing allows the company to benefit from buyer’s research on the internet, and to position the company at the right time in the buying cycle of B2B buyers. This new form of prospecting, whose objective is lead generation, uses various online […]

6 Tips for your perfect brochure

Do you want to introduce yourself and your company in a brochure? Are you aware that your brochure is a crucial advertising tool? Would you like to know where to start and what you need? There are six easy-to-use tips for your perfect brochure in this article. No matter whether it’s a company or product brochure, your brochure is your […]

Digital Marketing Tools To Know

Digital marketing tools A list of digital marketing tools was very useful. The topic concerns a large number of subjects and not everyone has the same use. Some people think it’s mainly social networks, the website, others online advertising, or newsletters. In reality, all these subjects are part of it, and they overlap and complement each other. There are many […]