Branding content strategy. And impertinence too.

“There’s only one horrible thing in this world, one irremissible sin: boredom” Oscar Wilde How right he is: what speech, so profound in its content, so interesting in its content, resists boredom and numbness when, in addition, the speaker says it in a monotone voice waiting himself for the end of his speech. Certainly, thinking he was doing well, he […]

Personal branding of politicians and candidates!

Have you ever heard of Personal branding? If you don’t know the term, you may already be using it without knowing it. It is a technique that we consciously or unconsciously apply in our relations with individuals, a technique accentuated by the democratization of the Internet in the early 2000s. What is personal branding? The expression first appeared under the […]

The brand that lives in people’s hearts and minds

In a word, your brand corresponds to the way your company is perceived by ordinary people. It is an emotional expression of your values, carefully thought out, that people will carry in their hearts and minds. Branding is a series of actions you will undertake to cultivate your brand. When properly implemented, branding becomes a symphony of designs, language and […]

How to Build a Strong Brand Identity?

Brand is an identity through which people see you, recognize you and identify you. So you should not think too much about it before you start building it. Crux Creative Solutions is an established branding agency in India that will provide some tips to find out where to start, and how to implement a strong brand identity, follow our tips. […]