Brand image and e-reputation: why an audit is essential

The convergence between physical stores and e-commerce, traditional media and digital space and the rise of the influence of social networks has removed the boundaries between on and offline, both interacting to influence the consumer’s buying path. Not considering the brand image as an inseparable whole of the two universes would be deadly. The first step to improve your brand […]

Brand identity: Friedman or Faber?

The debate is ignited between the ideas of Milton Friedman, an economist guru in the 1970s with his book “The Social Responsibility of Business is to increase its profits” and those of Emmanuel Faber, president of Danone, very sensitive to a new vision of the company based on sharing and social justice. Indeed, some argue forcefully that good feelings have […]

How to present your brand platform effectively?

It is a concern present in many companies: how to effectively present its brand platform? This document, which is responsible for communicating the company’s commercial strategy to teams, subsidiaries or other business units, has become essential for brands. Here are some tips to prepare and present your brand platform effectively. What is a brand platform? The brand platform guarantees the […]