How a content strategy makes people know, love, choose a brand?

Editorial marketing? For some people, editorial marketing is synonymous with content marketing or brand content, but for some, it consists in producing and distributing content for its targets in order to make itself known, enhance its image or encourage action (for example, purchasing). Evangelization has done its work and most brands have now integrated this concept of editorial marketing. On […]

Branding: How to build a brand

I will start this article with a question for you: How would you like to be perceived by your customers? What should they say about you when they talk to other people? Don’t worry if you don’t have an answer to this question so spontaneously. I say that most self-employed people don’t have an answer right away. So there’s nothing […]

How to Make Your Brand Memorable

Whether you are an Italian restaurant, a smartphone seller, an organic grocery store, or a women’s fashion store, something about your brand must win the long-term favor of its customers to succeed. Of course, it is important to provide a service where customers eventually find what they are looking for. But they will – with your brand or not. Customers […]

8 ideas for the branding of your event

To develop an event that stands out and touches people, you must consider your event as a brand. Its effectiveness and impact then depend on your ability to create an entity, and therefore a brand, that can live independently and in an original way. Whether it is an event that is overseen by another brand, such as Red Bull’s Crashed […]

Successful Branding in 5 Steps

The secret recipe for a successful business is to turn the company itself into a brand. If the customer is looking for a certain service or product, this one company should immediately come to mind. But how does a company get there? The magic word is “branding” or branding – and rightly so. It’s not easy for an entrepreneur: the […]

Brand capital: understanding, developing and analysing

The concept of brand equity first appeared in the 1980s, when spectacular brand buyouts showed that a brand’s value was not based on its turnover. Brand capital is defined as all the attributes and behaviors of consumers associated with a brand, resulting from marketing actions. What are brands for? Brands are used to build sentimental relationships with individuals. As soon […]

Brand commitment, another differentiation tool

The act of consuming responds to a dual functional and emotional need of the consumer: functional, because the product or service is purchased primarily for its functionality, and emotional, because it also responds to an emotional need. And brands, for the most part, use these two tools to differentiate themselves. But a third key factor is on the rise: the […]

Why is brand image so important?

We often hear that brand image is important and must be cared for. You may have already noticed that some brands attract more attention than others. But then how do you create a good brand image? What makes one brand more attractive to us than another? And what does a brand image bring to a company? When a company communicates […]

How to improve your company’s brand image?

In a context of strong competition, each company must seek to differentiate itself in the eyes of its customers or prospects. This requires the enhancement of its brand image. How to generate a brand image that is valued and sustainable over time? Taking advantage of customer knowledge and questionnaires are among the elements not to be overlooked. What determines a […]