5 Circumstances In Which Email Marketing Is Essential For Your Marketing Strategy

Online marketing strategies often focus on social media, SEO and SEM. But this means that one of the most powerful marketing strategies is being neglected: e-mail marketing. Social Media, SEO and SEM are very valuable strategies to attract more visitors to your website. But when it comes to connecting with your audience, email marketing may be the best way. The […]

Highlights Of The New Digital Marketing Trends

Managing Google My Business Directly from the Search Results When someone searches for your company name in Google, they will immediately see the information from your Google My Company profile. Your Google My Company profile is therefore very important to keep it up to date. This can be done, for example, by means of Google Posts and by collecting qualitative […]

Branding Trends In 2018

The year 2018 is a year with upcoming and lasting trends in branding. This news report will examine a number of trends. What new trends will emerge in 2018? What are the most interesting ones for your organisation? Which trends that are already known will remain and what changes will they bring about? Why online marketing The first trend is […]

10 digital marketing concepts that every marketer should know in 2018

10 digital marketing concepts explained in a comprehensible language. Marketing style that every marketer needs to understand in order to survive in 2018. Last year, we were already familiar with common marketing concepts such as ‘ad server’, ‘SDK’ and ‘MRAID’ ( never heard of it, so please check here). Here are the marketing terms of 2018 in which marketers could […]

Digital Marketing Trends 2018

This is a good time to take a look at the trends in online marketing. What trends are there now and what can we expect this year? These are the digital marketing trends of 2018: 1. Advertising: less and less interaction, but more range With 9.5 million registered users, Facebook is still the largest social media channel in the world. […]