Digital marketing: 5 Tips for Better Results

Look around you and see the impact of digital marketing. Whether it is e-commerce companies or election campaigns, all those targeting a wide audience benefit fully from a digital marketing strategy. Celebrity or brand, your promotional campaigns are incomplete if you don’t go where people are most often found: on the Internet! A digital marketing campaign is much more important […]

What Major Innovations Have Brought The Internet To The Field Of Training?

The advent of the Internet and the widespread use of smartphones have disrupted many sectors, including training. For both university and vocational training courses. What are these innovations in training that digital has brought? Here are the most recognized. Innovations from both sides: students and trainers Innovations in e-learning for students or apprentices To recognize the innovations brought about by […]

Marketing reports to improve your performance

Understanding marketing success and failures is crucial to planning and directing future digital marketing campaigns. You will get better results by deepening your analysis, through marketing reports, to know which components have been effective (and can be repeated), and where your tactics can be adapted to add more value and produce better results. By closely monitoring the overall performance of […]

Google Search Console: new features and a full version by 2019

After Google Adwords and then Google Analytics, it is Google’s Search console that is being revamped! The interface of this Google tool has been optimized and redesigned to better meet current standards. But above all, it is the functionalities that are enriched and improved to provide better analysis to online marketing company in India. Before reviewing the 2018/2019 novelties of […]

The history of marketing

This is hard for many to believe, but compared to the economy, production and operations, accounting and other sectors, marketing is a relatively young discipline that emerged in the early 1900s. Before that time, most of the issues that are now commonly associated with marketing were either considered to be part of the basic concepts of the economy (e. g. […]

Outbound marketing: 5 tips for success

Outbound marketing, outbound marketing, or even interruptive marketing, several terms for a single concept: your Outbound strategy. Or how to reach consumers through media advertising and in-person contacts. Outbound marketing Outbound varies depending on whether the target audience is large (television advertising, free bies), totally personal (meetings, bidding) or “impersonal” (call or cover emails). Thanks to these outbound methods, prospects […]