5 techniques to make professional and creative videos

Some of the techniques presented in this article will not seem foreign to you and are widespread in professional animated videos. Others are unfairly set aside by audiovisual professionals as “unsuitable for professional animated videos”. 1. Motion Animated Design Motion Animated Design is certainly the best-known technique for commercial videos. Why? Simply because its definition is broad and encompasses several […]

An Animated Explainer Video On the Whiteboard, But What Are The Benefits?

Did you know that? Whiteboard videos would increase the rate of information memorization by 15% compared to conventional video. That’s why this type of animated explainer video is so popular with marketers and audiences alike. Here are 3 impacting uses of the whiteboard animated business video. It’s a fact: whiteboard videos are as popular as they keep viewers engaged and […]

5 Reasons to use animated explainer videos and whiteboards to promote your business

When it comes to making our company known and offering our products and services, it’s quite complicated because our potential customers have 10,000 things to do and they won’t stop to read or listen to everything we have to tell them about our business. What should we do? how do we capture and keep the attention of potential customers while […]

The future of video and animation

A glimpse into the future The fascinating history of film, video and animation taught us that developments are difficult to predict. So we cannot predict the future. Nevertheless, there are certain expectations in terms of film, video and animation that we expect in coming years. Somewhat futuristic, but certainly real. 1. The drone of your dreams A few years ago, […]

28 reasons to begin video marketing in 2018

Content marketing may be the best way to generate traffic to your website or web store. Getting and binding the visitor through relevant content creates a lasting bond. A band in which the visitor returns. The marketing is as flexible as the human being is. Visitors are always on the lookout for the best information. Until recently, blogging was the […]