5 tips to create an effective whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animations require many innovative ideas, wise decisions and bold implementations. Developing a scenario and the entire pre-production planning phase before creating any kind of creative work is one of the most important things to make sure you work on. Here are some important tips for effective whiteboard animation. These tips will help you create a good impression in the […]

How to make a good video animation?

Visual content such as computer graphics and video animations are a real added value for a company. They make it possible to relay complex or boring information on your site and social networks in a very simple and entertaining way, hence their virality. If there are free tools to edit computer graphics, making a animated video requires real know-how, professional […]

How to create an effective professional video with animation?

Often equated with childhood and entertainment, animation can also be a very effective tool for creating professional animated explainer videos. Explanatory, educational or even promotional, all types of professional videos can take the form of animations. Although this style has become widespread in recent years, it is still quite original in the professional context, and can therefore distinguish itself in […]