Social Selling: 9 steps to build your daily routine

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During my social selling training, I am regularly asked: “How much time do I have to spend per day, per week or per month on social networks to get results?”.

My answer does not vary: “Allow the time you deem necessary to keep the continuous flow of new prospects necessary to develop your business at a high level”.

Performance in social selling depends more on the process implemented than on the time spent.

Because prospecting on social networks without processes is just agitation and data accumulation that quickly become time-consuming without giving significant results, i.e. without generating the continuous flow of business opportunities hoped for.

A daily routine is therefore essential to avoid bad behaviors harmful to your productivity and your results.

Generally, the first thing you do when you arrive at the office is open your mailbox to check your mail.

Now, as a social seller, you will also open LinkedIn to see the interactions generated by your activity on your account.

So you will enter your daily routine in 9 steps.

1. See “Who has seen my profile?”

Your activity generates interest, people visit your profile to see who you are and what you do: it’s like leaving a message on your answering machine.

If someone is interesting to your business, consider this visit as an opportunity to thank them and start the conversation.

2. Consult your invitations received

Some people are interested in you and invite you. Again, they leave you a message. But be demanding: don’t accept everyone in your network; aim for quality rather than quantity.

Remember that LinkedIn is a strictly professional network. Therefore, as it develops as a vector of business generation, you will be more and more solicited by vendors: it is up to you to sort according to your interests.

3. View your “Notifications”

To check the commitment created by your content.

After sharing content, check the resulting interactions: who liked, commented or shared your content.

For that, consult your notifications which indicate :

  • People who visit your profile
  • Those who love, comment, share your content
  • Those who follow you
  • Those who connect with you
  • Those who publish articles
  • Those who mention you in a comment or discussion
  • Visit your LinkedIn home page
  • Visit your home page.

It only takes a few minutes, but it will allow you to identify events that trigger opportunities. These are the news that will give you the pretext to start a conversation with a potential prospect.

Thus, for example, notification that one of your prospects changes position is an opportunity trigger event. You can send him a message of congratulations by offering to help him on a subject related to his new job.

4. Check your saved advanced searches

When you save your advanced searches, you receive email alerts of new profiles matching your search criteria.

Check your emails daily to identify these new profiles that correspond to potential new buyers.

Visit their profiles and, if you are interested, identify what you have in common to get in touch with them: a relationship, a group, a school, etc.

5. Check your Google Alerts

You have programmed Google alerts on the keywords of your activity, to follow the news of your ecosystem and detect business opportunities. To get in touch with your prospects at the right time, with the right hook.

Google Alert will send you an email each time it recognizes an article related to the query you have programmed on the topic you are interested in.

Check your emails daily to spot these alerts, excellent pretexts to contact your potential prospects.

6. Use your first-level network

Every day, consult the network of one of your first level relationships, see with whom she is connected and identify in her network some potential prospects with whom to get in contact by taking advantage of your common relationship.

7. See your prospect’s recent activity

Identify what interests them to start the conversation with the right hook.

8. Check new discussions in your groups

Check your emails to identify new discussions in your groups, participate with your personal contribution that will prove your expertise:

  • Ask questions, do surveys to test an idea, solicit case studies or examples;
  • Thank members for participating in a discussion you initiated and invite them to log in;
  • Invite members to your events (trade shows, conferences, webinars, breakfasts)

9. Search for content to share and build your content bank

Remember that content is king in social selling to engage your prospects. So stay alert all the time to identify the content you will share later.

Store them in a “content bank” to permanently have content on every topic of interest to your prospects.

Start your social media marketing routine today. Every day, identify new prospects, new content, start conversations on LinkedIn. This process won’t happen overnight! The results will come if you practice every day, if you seize every opportunity to engage in conversation with a potential prospect. To know more how to spent time for social selling daily routine, click here to contact.

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