Social Media: 4 important points to optimize your profile

According to Linkedin, you have to “take advantage of social networks to find the right prospects, establish relationships of trust and achieve your sales objectives”.

Social selling represents all the techniques using social networks to communicate with your clients/prospects but especially to develop your sales. When we talk about social selling we are usually referring to two well-known social networks: Twitter and Linkedin. Social selling is a tool that your sales people can combine with sales and marketing techniques. According to a study by Forbes magazine, 78% of companies that use social networks outperform the competition. So don’t waste time: build yourself a profile using the points detailed below.

In this article, we will focus mainly on the number one network in the world: Linkedin. With more than 300 million users worldwide (more than 200 countries) including nearly 21 million in India, it is one of the only networks not to be neglected for social selling.

1. Improve your profile with storytelling

Your profile is the first point of contact with your contacts, your customers, your prospects. This first part is very important. You must maintain the appearance of your profile and provide only necessary and relevant information. Thanks to storytelling, you will introduce yourself and your brand or your company.

Moreover, it is very important to fill in all the contents of your profile. Your profile photo should be “professional” quality. It is therefore necessary to show your face. You will also need to put a cover photo of your industry or business. Indicate your contact details with, at a minimum, your email address and telephone number. You will also need to do storytelling in the summary to reinforce the first image your prospect will get of you.

2. Target your content to optimize your posts

To optimize your posts it is very important to publish content related to your business. It can also be news that you relay, studies on your sector of activity, partnership announcements, content videos. The more relevant and quality content you publish, the more interactions you will have with your prospects (like, comments, sharing). Present all your content well with a catchphrase that will capture the attention of as many of your prospects as possible.

3. Develop your contacts with qualified contacts

On linkedin, it is good to privilege your professional contacts, without adding as friends your little brothers or your cousin. And also to privilege contacts already met, to have more chances to see your invitation accepted. You can therefore add your potential customers, suppliers and prospects. To find qualified contacts, use the 2nd level filter and you will have access to your first level contacts.

To search for qualified contacts, use the advanced search function. It will be useful for you to better target your prospects, by location, company, sector of activity, language, focus of interest.

4. Don’t save time on your LinkedIn account

Capturing new customers and prospects can take a long time. As I am regularly asked, there is no minimum time. Spend the time you need!

I propose you a methodology to apply regularly on your profile:

  • Look at the people who have seen my profile, the people who want to add you
  • Schedule publications at appropriate times
  • Search for new connections and subscribers
  • Watch your news feed to enjoy and share interesting content and maintain your relationships

To conclude, by improving your profile you will increase the traffic of your website and blog, increase the number of subscriptions to the newsletter, increase the number of your relationships but especially their quality. The social selling technique is therefore a master asset within everyone’s reach.

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