Smart Phones’ To Remain Hero Of Digital Advertising In The Year 2020 Too

Idiot Box Suffers A Major Jolt In A Smarter India

2020 is going to be a bigger year for mobile advertising in the digital ecosystem, according to the experts.?

Digital advertising is expected to grow with a CAGR of 32% by the end of the year 2020. The huge share will be contributed through mobile advertising and are expected to overtake desktop advertising.

There is no more selling the importance of the digital advertising store anymore since agencies have already bought into the idea and looking for ways to leverage it. There is a quest to find new and innovative ways to make digital marketing more innovative and unique.

Within the sphere of digital marketing, the success of a mobile advertisement is written out in big bold letters. Mobile is the cynosure of all eyes.

In 2020, mobile will still be holding the center stage. The advertising sector has significantly evolved and mobile advertising is the finest element of its evolution. Every person, irrespective of age, gender or income capabilities are typing, swiping and watching on their smartphones. In fact, India’s user base is second in the world, only one after China. Cheap data plans, reduced rates of smartphones and improved networks, everything plays an important role in the evolution.

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This year will be the year of innovation and interesting trends in the mobile advertising ecosystem. The chatbots, short videos, voice search, and others are a few examples of well-utilized trends in 2019. Marketers will need more than this to understand people-based attribution (PBA) to obtain visibility across many channels regardless of device, platform or operating system.

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