Satya Nadella Talks About Tech Compatibility, AI, Cyber Security & Much More At Future Decoded Event In Mumbai

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As the Indian Government laid out a grand welcome for the US President Donald Trump in the Agra city; In Mumbai, an impressive show was held at Microsoft’s Future Decoded CEO Summit for Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella.

Nadella is in India for his three-day visit. While addressing the audience, he said that the last ten years have been incredibly amazing when it comes to the mobile revolution and the internet has completely changed the lives of consumers. However, in slight criticism, he added that the growth has been really narrow and the focus has been on the consumer economy but it isn’t the only thing to be considered.

In a statement, Nadella stated,” The profit that has been derived from all the progress made in the last 10 years has also been very limited. Marketplaces and aggregator business model were the only successful one. It isn’t enough. We require more productivity, access and cross-sectoral impact on digital technology.”

He further explained that in the next year the technology will be defined but there still be one question that how much broader can the market model be and how we can make a cut across sectors, small-businesses and also big businesses.

There is a technological wave in India currently and Nadella believes that as a citizen, we can ride on this wave and build our own tech intensity. He intensely stressed how crucial it is to adopt the latest technology and make it a part of the organization. He points out that the biggest strength Indian companies will have is by building their own tech capability. This is going to be the most defining thing in the next decade. It helps the country to ensure inclusive economic growth.

Core trust in technology, ethics around AI, cybersecurity should be a huge consideration in adopting the technology. Sustainability has been an important aspect for businesses to consider.

Nadella in his last statement in the event said that every one of us has an important role to play when it comes to becoming a more sustainable world.


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