Round-up of News Announcement by Social Media Platforms, in Case You Have Missed It

News Round UP

Social Shorts: With so much going on in the world, there has been a lot of new launches- let us review most of it.

Here is a compilation of social media marketing briefs from past weeks:

“Here For You”- Snapchat

In February, Snapchat originally announced Here For You, which is a new dashboard app that will help you locate resources for mental health like anxiety, panic, chronic depression, suicidal thoughts, griefs, etc. The original plan was to roll it out in April. But, due to the pandemic situation and lockdown in several parts, Snapchat fast-tracked the release to March 19.

Why we think it was important: Everything is not about revenue, a giant like Snapchat, that deals with Millennials and Gen Z took a massive step to help its audience. This step is like going a long distance to build trust.

Automated Review Processes- Twitter and YouTube

YouTube has made efforts to maintain the ecosystem with an automated review process during coronavirus outbreak. Twitter has tended to follow the suit with its moderation process that detects and removes any violating content related to COVID-19.

Why we think it was important: Well! Machines aren’t perfect but this is a great step to eliminate any panic that might surface due to misinformation.

New Camera Feature- Instagram

Instagram has been testing the mirror camera effect for stories. This feature splits your screen into varying types of reflected view and filter. This is to just spice things up amid this lockdown situation.

Why we think it was important: Employing new creative features in the post will keep users busy and also, it will new content to share and well! More content to view.

IGTV ads: Instagram

Instagram is all set to sell ads on IGTV, which means monetization of videos. It is a long video format like YouTube. It will strengthen its revenue strategy.

Why we think it was important: Unlike YouTube, Instagram had no revenue-feature for the creator. The earnings came from brands that creator promote. Once IGTV ads are active, there will be a flow of genuine content.

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