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Brochures allow you to tell your customers more about your business. Whether you want to list more detailed information about your services, create a menu or build a deeper relationship with your customers, there’s room for all the details in a brochure. They’re easier to create than you think. Follow these simple steps to create a brochure you can be proud of.

Before you get started…

In order to create a unique brochure about your company, you need some content. So before you get started, you should create a folder where you can store these important elements:

Logo: If you have a logo, you should use the highest possible resolution to make it look good in print.

Pictures: Choose a few good images of your products and services, or maybe even one of you and your team. Again, make sure you have a high resolution.

Text: Your message is important, so spend some time thinking about what you want to say: Your message is important, so you should spend some time thinking about what you want to say. You can fine-tune it later. Your text should cover these basics:

Introduction/About Us – A brochure is an opportunity to tell your customers who you are and what you are, such as your reliability, your personal service or quality products. Try to focus on one or two key messages.
Information about products/services – Prepare your most important details about your company. It’s best to consider a few categories. This makes it easier to skim through and understand the information.
Contact details – Tell your customers how to reach you and complete your office or opening hours.

The design of your brochure.

Once you have prepared your draft text, logo and images, you are ready to start designing your brochure.

1. Choose your format

Take a close look at your contents and consider what you want to achieve with your brochure. Then you can decide whether a burglar or spiral fold is best for you. If you want to create a menu or offer a lot of information, a roll fold is a good choice. If you want to display large pictures, the burglar fold offers you more space.

Tip: Take a sheet of paper and fold it into one of the above formats. This allows you to roughly plan what should be printed on which page. This makes it easier for you to visualize the layout and choose the best format.

2. Select a design template

We offer a variety of professional design templates. You can filter according to your industry and then select the colours. You can also upload your logo and then select the appropriate colour palette. Preferably choose one or two main colours for a simple, distinctive design.

3. Insert your content

Once you have selected the template, you can enter the content and edit it at the same time. Use headings to divide your text into sections. It’s best to use only one or two fonts to increase readability. Take your time and move your elements to different places to try several options.

4. Choose your paper and your finish

If you like your layout and look, choose the type of paper that best matches the style of your brochure. Think about how you want to use the brochure. Menus should be stable if you plan to use them several times. For rich colours and large images, you should choose glossy paper.

To make sure your brochure looks good

When you get your brochure out of print, it’s really exciting. But it becomes really worthwhile when you can finally use it. You can exhibit it in a carefully chosen place to attract potential customers, distribute it near your company or take it to a trade show. Whatever you choose, you’ll find that a brochure you’re proud of is one of the most versatile marketing materials.

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