70% Increase In The Programmatic Advertising In India

Programmatic Advertising In India

Matt Brocklehurst, Head of Partnerships, Publishers & Platforms Marketing APAC, Google says, “Programmatic leads the charts in the entire growth in ad spends in India.”

Indian marketers are trying to unlock their full potential in the digital marketing sphere. It has been duly noted that the programmatic advertising in India is growing 70% more year-on-year. Matt Brocklehurst, Head of Partnerships, Publishers and Platforms Marketing, APAC, Google believes that since India is a country with more than 300 smartphones and the users are spending nothing less than 200 minutes per day on their respective phones, programmatic advertising is the best way to join up the communication with them.

Brocklehurst further adds that Indian ad spend has the major lead in programmatic advertising because there are so many active internet users in the country. This growth is only been possible because people want to learn about things online, and it is crucial for brands to locate them and make it a part of brand communication. This can be done if the information is tailored for the audience and is at the right place, right time with the right message.

Programmatic advertising, according to Brocklehurst, is definitely ensuring higher returns on investment but the entire process of delivering communication to the TG 60 per cent quicker and profitable.

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The brands that are taking the programmatic route in India are not only the digital players, interestingly it is a mix. However, only 6% of the Indian brands are realizing the full potential of data-driven marketing.


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