Premium Content may now be Payable for Publishers on Google

Premium Content may now be Payable for Publishers on Google

Paying for news will definitely branch off from the Alphabet-owned internet titan’s practice where it conveniently mines the internet for content it displays in search results.

Google is in talks for negotiations with news outlets, where media organizations will be paying for the content they publish. This move is to eliminate blunting criticism that it unfairly profits from copyrighted news.

The payment strategy for news would diverge Google’s practice of freely mining the internet for every content it displays in its search results.

The internet giant is in talks for a licensing deal and the move is hugely welcomed by news organizations that contend Google derives profits from ads alongside their news articles. All of this and ‘snippets’ in search results. Google in an interview indicated that it is seeking new ways to help publishers publish their content.

Statement by Google

Richard Gingras, Google vice president in a statement said, “We would love to help people find quality journalism- it is crucial to all the informed democracy and also assists in supporting a sustainable news industry,”

He further added, “We care deeply about this problem and we have always been in and are in talks with our partners. Also, we are looking for various ways to expand our ongoing work with people publishing content and building on programs like our Google News Initiatives.”

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