Personal Data Protection Bill: Good News For Marketers

Personal Data Protection Bill

Marketers will be targeting their audience even now, but with the right tools; customers have the power to opt for those ads only which they find relevant to them.

The Personal Data Protection Bill has been introduced in Lok Sabha on Wednesday. It has received a grand welcome from the advertisement and digital marketing fraternity alike. According to industry heads, the targeted audience is still be decided by the marketers but the right tool with giving the customer the power to choose the relevant ad.

Talking about data privacy from India’s perspective, being digitized economy like ours, more and more people are getting online and their private data is up for display. This was the right time to introduce a bill of such calibre. Same is happening globally and it was high time for our Government to take a serious interest in the field as well.

According to the Bill, marketers can now use tools that allow them to use data in a way to target customers while still abiding by the laws. Without violating anybody’s data, it can aggregate and distribute the data insights and hence can be used to make data more effective for the marketing purpose. The customer information (the valid information) can be usefully utilized to help them view only those ads that are relevant; it will all become easier with the new Bill.

Why is This Piece of NEWS Important?

As far as advertising is concerned, this bill is a positive starter. This will ensure that the data generated is qualitative and consensual from users. The industry will see a significant augmentation is setting a target audience as now brands will be able to pin down a potential customer.

This is an advantage as it might play with the users’ sentiments and will play along the line of “ads that I want to see”. It is a step further in increasing customer experience digitally and not just commoditized as a mere data point.

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