Evolution Of Inbox In The Year 2020: For Seamless Customer Experience

In recent years we have experienced a great shift in the way business handles their customer service and engagement. Various business giants have created highly potent customer engagement mechanisms right from inception. Wither you are looking for a mode of transport or ordering food online, consumers in today’s time are highly demanding. Since they have the luxury of enjoying personalized […]

Facebook Offers Better Tools For Transparency, Decides Against Banning Political Ads

The social media giant announced a tool that gives users better control and makes advertisers more accountable than before and also has updated its Ad library. Facebook in its official statement claimed that it has finally decided against limiting the political ads that were previously targeting the specific groups of people and also decided against banning the ads completely. The […]

New-age, Digital Professionals Will Be In Demand In The Year 2020

High demand for people who have training in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, robotics and block-chain will be double at the beginning of this new decade. New-age technology professionals will be the most sought-after amongst so many professionals in this new year. There will be a high demand for people training in AI, machine learning, natural language processing, robotics, block-chain, etc. […]