Branding Trends In 2018

The year 2018 is a year with upcoming and lasting trends in branding. This news report will examine a number of trends. What new trends will emerge in 2018? What are the most interesting ones for your organisation? Which trends that are already known will remain and what changes will they bring about? Why online marketing The first trend is […]

10 digital marketing concepts that every marketer should know in 2018

10 digital marketing concepts explained in a comprehensible language. Marketing style that every marketer needs to understand in order to survive in 2018. Last year, we were already familiar with common marketing concepts such as ‘ad server’, ‘SDK’ and ‘MRAID’ ( never heard of it, so please check here). Here are the marketing terms of 2018 in which marketers could […]

Digital Marketing Trends 2018

This is a good time to take a look at the trends in online marketing. What trends are there now and what can we expect this year? These are the digital marketing trends of 2018: 1. Advertising: less and less interaction, but more range With 9.5 million registered users, Facebook is still the largest social media channel in the world. […]

Brochure Design: 5 Creative Tips

These tips will make your brochure look better and have a better range. These Brochure design tips can turn a good brochure into a brochure that achieves your goal. 1. Keep it simple Do you want a brochure that stands out? Sometimes the simplest idea is the best choice. If a customer has decided to use a lot of cliche […]

How to create a brochure design? Advice and tips.

How do we create a brochure with the help of software? If you’ve never designed anything before, Photoshop is probably your best choice for creative designing, the learning curve is not too steep and you can post photos, texts and perhaps vector illustrations to your heart’s content. There are creative design agency channels where you can take online tutorials and […]