Brand capital: understanding, developing and analysing

The concept of brand equity first appeared in the 1980s, when spectacular brand buyouts showed that a brand’s value was not based on its turnover. Brand capital is defined as all the attributes and behaviors of consumers associated with a brand, resulting from marketing actions. What are brands for? Brands are used to build sentimental relationships with individuals. As soon […]

The 3 phases of the digital maturity of social selling: where are you at?

Social selling is at the heart of the digital transformation movement of sales forces. Indeed, these are moving further and further away from traditional prospecting tactics such as cold phone calls. But too often, the transition from traditional commercial prospecting to digital prospecting is done without a clear strategy, without a coherent global vision. And so, the results do not […]

Brand commitment, another differentiation tool

The act of consuming responds to a dual functional and emotional need of the consumer: functional, because the product or service is purchased primarily for its functionality, and emotional, because it also responds to an emotional need. And brands, for the most part, use these two tools to differentiate themselves. But a third key factor is on the rise: the […]