What is the aim of your brochure?

Not all brochures are the same. The goals are too different, the tasks in overall marketing too different. Think about what you want to achieve with your brochure and how you want to use it. Because concept, content and distribution depend on it. And ultimately the success of your brochure design. Here are a few thoughts: Does the brochure serve […]

How to present your brand platform effectively?

It is a concern present in many companies: how to effectively present its brand platform? This document, which is responsible for communicating the company’s commercial strategy to teams, subsidiaries or other business units, has become essential for brands. Here are some tips to prepare and present your brand platform effectively. What is a brand platform? The brand platform guarantees the […]

Performance indicators for an emailing campaign

An emailing campaign or emails is an English term describing the sending of emails to a defined group of people. These people can be your customers, prospects, suppliers, and even your employees. Every emailing campaign constitutes a communication action, also called direct marketing. Like any communication action, sending emails must also be monitored. Performance indicators should therefore be closely monitored […]

Create brochures: Tips for the construction

When creating a brochure, you should not be guided primarily by traditional schemes – for example, foreword, company history, product range, contact data. This structure is familiar to most readers, but does not necessarily correspond to their interests and needs. It is better to derive the order of the individual chapters from the type and aim of the brochure. Here […]

Social Networks: What Use to Promote a Brand?

Today, social networks are an integral part of our lives, both personal and professional, and participate strongly in our development. A company has many ways to promote its values to a wide audience. Social networks are among those that convey information quickly and effectively. Indeed, most companies in all fields of activity have their account on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, […]

6 mistakes not to make in visual identity

Creating an effective and relevant visual identity is a delicate expertise and pedagogy towards actors without real graphic skills. So it is common to see some errors when developing a visual identity. We therefore invite you to discover the mistakes not to make: 1. Have a disjointed visual identity A graphic identity is your identity card on the web, on […]