5 basic good practices of an emailing campaign

Email campaigns raise many reflections and questions about their optimization and their contribution to a global marketing strategy. Let’s discover together 5 important practices to succeed in email marketing. 1. The title (the subject) This is obviously one of the major components of your email. This title, i.e. the subject of the e-mail, will very often be one of the […]

10 advantages of brochures

Many people say: brochures are expensive. Brochures are a dusty artifact of earlier decades. Brochures are out. But are fewer brochures planned, printed and distributed as a result? Not at all. Many companies continue to order classic image or product brochures and use them to boost sales. Because: A brochure conveys value and credibility, offers benefits and builds trust – […]

How to create an effective professional video with animation?

Often equated with childhood and entertainment, animation can also be a very effective tool for creating professional animated explainer videos. Explanatory, educational or even promotional, all types of professional videos can take the form of animations. Although this style has become widespread in recent years, it is still quite original in the professional context, and can therefore distinguish itself in […]

Social Media: 4 important points to optimize your profile

According to Linkedin, you have to “take advantage of social networks to find the right prospects, establish relationships of trust and achieve your sales objectives”. Social selling represents all the techniques using social networks to communicate with your clients/prospects but especially to develop your sales. When we talk about social selling we are usually referring to two well-known social networks: […]

What is the aim of your brochure?

Not all brochures are the same. The goals are too different, the tasks in overall marketing too different. Think about what you want to achieve with your brochure and how you want to use it. Because concept, content and distribution depend on it. And ultimately the success of your brochure design. Here are a few thoughts: Does the brochure serve […]

How to present your brand platform effectively?

It is a concern present in many companies: how to effectively present its brand platform? This document, which is responsible for communicating the company’s commercial strategy to teams, subsidiaries or other business units, has become essential for brands. Here are some tips to prepare and present your brand platform effectively. What is a brand platform? The brand platform guarantees the […]