Some tips for a successful brochure

A brochure is an informative or advertising publication which is used to display a wide variety of structured information. Print communication media contributes to the reputation of your company and provide a good medium for advertising. One of these supports is the brochure, a closed, stapled leaflet, which is often used to present your products, services and commercial offer. You […]

Is your brand meaningful?

Make your brand stronger than ever! We all know a brand what we think is fantastic. A brand that grabs you, a brand that you remember. These are brands that are meaningful and that is exactly what we need. Branding is the way to engage a large number of people. This only shows how big the impact is on people. […]

5 steps to re-enable your newsletter readers

How could you improve your statistics of opening and reading your email newsletters? This can be improved by researching who is really interested in your mailings and implementing reactivation strategies for readers that are not. In each email database there are ‘inactive subscribers’: readers who never open your newsletter, never mind clicking on links in that newsletter. There are many […]

The future of video and animation

A glimpse into the future The fascinating history of film, video and animation taught us that developments are difficult to predict. So we cannot predict the future. Nevertheless, there are certain expectations in terms of film, video and animation that we expect in coming years. Somewhat futuristic, but certainly real. 1. The drone of your dreams A few years ago, […]