Is Online Education During Lockdown Putting The Spotlight On Our Digital Divide?

Online Education During Lockdown Putting The Spotlight On Our Digital Divide

Institutes and schools are trying to promote e-learning among their students, several students belong to not so privileged sections or are living in areas with low connectivity are finding it difficult to keep up.

Most of our nation is in lockdown these days amid the COVID-19 outbreak. And, most of us are spending our time online. Just like the real world, even the virtual world comes with privileges.

Many universities, colleges, and schools are conducting online learning sessions, those from the disadvantaged section who don’t have access to the internet are suffering way and beyond.

So many students studying at universities in Delhi hail from remote areas, where internet is not an option and for that matter, various colleges have such students. Apprehending a shift towards digital education is a big concern. Even people with access to workable internet connection do not have either a laptop or tablet to showcase their full efficiency. Using phones for classes and assignment submission is a tedious process. Also, it can be a financial strain on so many people.

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It should be an urgent priority for the government and the stakeholders to regularise online education and define several standards and guidelines for it.

We are in dire need of a monitoring mechanism. We need to ensure that anyone willing to learn is not missing out due to the unavailability of resources. Internet is still not a common commodity, especially in remote and backward areas. Education is for all and whether it is a real-world or virtual world, this right cannot be denied.

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