“Number Of Comments” Removed From Instagram Feed As Early As This Week

Number Of Comments Removed From Instagram Feed

This change should shake up influencers & social media marketing and the way they measure their success.

With the new update, Instagram India plans to start testing the removal of “comments” counts. Now, only the one you follow will have a number of comments displayed for you. On the Instagram feed, people you do not follow and the public accounts will not have the comments count displayed out rightly. In order to access the comment, an extra step of clicking on the caption bar is required.

Why this piece of NEWS is important?

In the tests that have rolled out so far, Instagram has hidden “comment” counts from public posts in the Feed, on the desktop platform and in profiles.

Instagram- a primary platform for influencer marketing- may potentially eliminate “comment” and “likes” counts, which will make it tougher for marketers and influencers to measure the success or failure of the post.

More on the NEWS!

Without an outward-facing metric like the “comments” and “likes”, influencers and their agencies will need to adapt to demonstrate value to brands. Taking this news with a pinch of salt will come handy as it could prove to be a positive development. Crux, as a branding and marketing agency, has already made a shift to deeper-level engagement and outcome metrics beyond the low-hanging fruit of a “like” and “comment”.

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