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A company logo stands for what your company should radiate, it is the ‘face’ of the company. A unique corporate identity of its own.
The graphic design of logo, logo and house style is not only limited to stationery, envelope, business cards and html email signature but we also translate to website, folders, advertisements, internal and external communication such as PowerPoint and Word files, vehicle fleet, business premises, uniform etc.

After the logo has been designed, the logo together with typography, colour and image elements will be applied to the entire corporate identity. Depending on the size of the company, the application can be very extensive. In this way, each application is designed separately with one goal in mind: a uniform look and feel for the company. It is advisable to record all statements in a house style manual, such as typography, shape, colour and use of the logo. In this way, even if several people within a company make communication statements, the corporate identity is maintained as it was designed.

Re-styling of company logo, logo and corporate identity

Some logos are outdated and no longer up to date, but letting go of them is not always easy. It is necessary to restyle a logo to the current time. Crux Creative Solutions takes a close look at your company and uses your core values, activities and target group to see what the possibilities are for putting your company on the map. Branding and repositioning your company and your brand, is achieving the perfect combination between look & feel and content. Slogans can play a role here as well.

Designing product logos and new product lines

Many of the advertising is accompanied by a logo. Think of clothing brands, toys, innovative technology, packaging. Here, too, it is important to have good visual expression. This includes a logo and matching house style. You can find examples of this on our website.
Unity of appearance is essential for your product, service and business.

New Company Name, Product Name, Pay-off and Slogan

Writers and creatives of Crux Creative Solutions invent names for company and product. A strong company and brand name are essential. Unique names in which legibility and pronunciation play an important role. Short and powerful names. The relationship with the service and the type of product. We invented the company name for a wooden toy line, reliable toys in which quality is a priority. A line with now more than 50 articles and available all over India. For a company specializing in local taxes and environmental taxes, we came up with the good company name. We will gladly help you to come up with your company name and strong brand name and a slogan that matches your logo and service.

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