New-age, Digital Professionals Will Be In Demand In The Year 2020

New-age, Digital Professionals will be in demand in the year 2020

High demand for people who have training in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, robotics and block-chain will be double at the beginning of this new decade.

New-age technology professionals will be the most sought-after amongst so many professionals in this new year. There will be a high demand for people training in AI, machine learning, natural language processing, robotics, block-chain, etc. The demand will be double in 2020 since there is increasing cost-pressures and an uncertain business environment prompting many organizations to be a little slow in their overall hiring process across all domains.

With regular funding of start-ups and global MNCs, there is a consistent demand for all these super-specialized skills to scale up the tech talent.

The hunt for candidates with skill-sets in digital and new-age technology have hiked in a new job offering from 35% last year to 60%.

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Tech has been really useful in every industry, it helps to reduce the Human resource, resulting in cost-cutting. Automation interventions, predictive analysis for various asset integrity and multiple other surveillance systems are where tech plays a crucial role and each industry requires such standards to reduce significant costs.

Start-ups and eCommerce companies have been looking to add people in new tech for better customer experience, profitability and understanding of statistical/operations research/machine meaning techniques and data infrastructure.

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