Moment Marketing: Most Cost-Effective Tool For Digital Marketers

Moment Marketing: Most Cost-Effective Tool For Digital Marketers

Brands have picked up the current trend of moment marketing. Creating campaigns around content that is relatable to users.

Digital Marketing is a boon for marketers and out of which, moment marketing has taken a front seat in recent years. Running static marketing campaigns is the thing of the past. Considering the events that are currently happening and creating a marketing strategy around it is the trend which is here to stay.

What is the Moment Marketing? It is embracing the current events by creating an entire campaign around it, which is also easy to relate. For example, in June this year, #bananameme or #rahulbanana was trending on twitter due to the infamous event when the actor Rahul Bose was charged almost Rs. 500 for two bananas by a reputed hotel chain. Through this, you are more likely to reach the target audience. Putting it in other words, it is the clear example of reaching the right audience at the right time.

Brands have become reactive to the events happening around them.

Why This Piece of NEWS Important?

According to industry experts, moment marketing works in an ecosystem where the current trend should be relevant to both the consumers and the brand. Brands can easily leverage on the current event very spontaneously by encashing the latest happening in the offline/online world.

It has become very crucial for the brand to associate with their surroundings, to be the part of the physical diaspora.


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