3 Modern Mobile Marketing Strategies You Should Consider In 2020

Mobile Marketing Strategies

Mobile marketing is extremely powerful, but it is possible to be stuck in the same old stratagem and hope for better results.

If this is you, it is high to be thinking a little out of the box. Not much, but just a little, tweaking your way around the already present techniques

So, to help you out, we, at Crux Creative Solutions, the leading creative digital marketing company have come up with this list of three mobile marketing strategies that are super effective but it is possible that you may have never considered them.

Augmented Reality (AR)

The concept of AR and VR is relatively new, and most marketers do not understand it fully.

Virtual reality is an immersive experience, simulated in which the user wears a headset that places them into virtual environments, like a museum or outer space. Similarly, augmented reality is about projecting virtual elements onto real-world scenes. This can be done via headsets and visors, or just by holding your phone up to the real world.

Comparatively, VR is an expensive marketing tool to create. But the addition of augmented reality tools can easily boost up the engagement of the viewers.

In India, the major eCommerce website like Lenskart and Nykaa has been using this technique to give users real-life scenarios to try their products.

Vertical Video and Animations

Did you know: 94% of smartphone users hold their phones in a vertical position? On the contrary, many videos and animations are designed for a square or horizontal format. That’s because we’re used to seeing videos and animations in landscape on TVs, cinema screens, and computers.

At Crux Creative Solutions, the best digital marketing agency in Gurgaon, India, we can create great and tailored vertical videos for the viewer’s experience that will be excellent to be viewed on mobile screens.

This is not it; vertical videos work better on Facebook as well. So, we are here for a win-win situation.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search only cover 2% of all searches, but the fact that it is the new ‘it’ thing, and seeing rapid growth in its popularity, we can safely say that it is here to stay. According to one of the research, voice searches are set to take over 50% of all searches by 2020.

So, what can you do to get started with optimizing your voice search?

  • Keywords: There is a definite difference in how people ‘type’ and ‘speak’. Optimizing your keywords accordingly would come handy. Trust only the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon, India like Crux Creative Solutions to help you get the best keywords to make you rank on top.
  • Business details: Most searches are usually to find the location. Bear in mind people tend to use the phrase “near me” when looking for venues, so incorporate this into your SEO keywords where possible and various other similar keywords.

An experienced digital marketing company in Delhi would incorporate best-in-industry keywords, which in return help you grow and augment revenues.

And there you have it: three mobile marketing strategies that will help you to generate better revenues in 2020. But for best results, connect with Crux Creative Solutions, the leading digital marketing company, and get unique content, smartly tailored for you.

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