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Understanding marketing success and failures is crucial to planning and directing future digital marketing campaigns. You will get better results by deepening your analysis, through marketing reports, to know which components have been effective (and can be repeated), and where your tactics can be adapted to add more value and produce better results. By closely monitoring the overall performance of your campaign in real time, you will be proactive during the campaign period, working on areas that are behind schedule and making adjustments to improve results.

To make your marketing reports effective, here are three steps to follow when planning, executing and reporting on your incoming digital marketing activities.

Here are three steps to excellent marketing reporting:

Step 1: Set smart goals

Reports should always be measured against an objective and a timetable. Establishing SMART objectives that combine tactics and analysis is essential to the development and progress of an action plan to achieve desired business results. In other words, you must set objectives that are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely) and then hold yourself accountable for these results.

For example, you may decide to increase the number of visits to your website by 20% over the next 60 days. Or maybe you would like to get 500 qualified prospects by November 30, 2018.

Remember that, whatever they are, you must measure the success of your objectives on a weekly basis, not forgetting to send them to your customers!

Step 2: Identify the main marketing parameters covered by the report

The dashboard provides evidence of the success or failure of specific tactics, sources and campaigns. The report’s constituent parameters must be relevant, correspond to your overall business objectives and show a return on investment for management. Although you can configure your marketing analysis dashboard digitally, here is the bare minimum to follow and respect:


By analyzing the source of your traffic sources, you can identify the most efficient channels for your company. By performance, we mean the channels that deliver the most qualified visits, traffic, leads and, ultimately, customers. By determining this information, you highlight areas where your company should spend more time and resources. If you identify a channel that generates more performance, spend more time and therefore more money on it.

Number of qualified marketing prospects

The report on the number of qualified leads in marketing, helps you track the number of people who have visited your site and done more than a little navigation, but have downloaded a White Paper or requested an appointment, or perhaps attended a live webinar.

The role of a form is therefore to ask as many questions as possible in order to qualify the prospect: position, size of the company, geography. Then, it’s up to you to calculate the number of interactions and commitments, anything that is important to your business and would mark an advance as a viable element for monitoring digital marketing performance.

Contact and conversion

Content is king, as all companies or marketers know but there is no point in creating masses of content if it doesn’t help you generate leads! By reporting the conversion rate of your CTAs or content, you will know how well your audience reacts to your topics, how well you adapt to your buyers and what types of content generate the most leads.

Contact life cycle funnel

As your contacts progress through the different stages of the life cycle, from prospects to customers, it is possible to assess their qualification by measuring the percentage that moves to the next stage of the life cycle compared to those that remain fixed on site. If you don’t see the kind of progress you were hoping for, it could indicate a gap in your marketing and communication.

Step 3: Create deliveries for your customers

The creation of complete marketing reports gives you the necessary perspective to evaluate the performance of your strategy. The most important part of analyzing your data is the ability to extract relevant information and take the necessary steps to avoid duplication, revise your strategy or incorporate your results into current or future campaigns. Now, make sure you create a weekly or monthly routine and honor it to improve your performance.

Measure as much as you can, as often as you can, and you will always learn from your customers while finding ways to improve your business. By setting realistic goals, asking the right questions and developing a routine, you’ll see your efforts pay off quickly! Getting into the habit of reporting is an excellent way to stay on track and identify any problems with enough information to take corrective and preventive action.

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