Logo Design Trends for 2018

10 trends in the field of logo design:

Shape Simplification

This trend has everything to do with stripping your design to its pure basis to make it as clean and minimalist as possible. Progress in Internet technologies and requirements on different platforms are among the factors that have revived this trend. Your emblem should look good on all media, from business cards to websites and mobile apps. This is why some major brands have adapted their logos, giving them a sharper appearance.

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Logo type with simple shapes

A legible font linked to simple geometric shapes (lines, points, rectangles, circles) continues to grow. This powerful trend emerged in 2017 and is rapidly gaining in strength. What makes it special? First of all, logotypes are known for their simplicity and coherence (think of Samsung, Nike and Google). Secondly, simple graphics give the emblem a balanced, consistent look. Finally, if you use this cleverly, you can use geometric shapes to create pure visual effects and elevate your logo to that of your competitors.

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Letter stacking

Here is another trend for logos. The idea is to place words on top of each other, making long sentences easier to perceive. This trend brought about major changes in 2016-2017 and it seems that companies cannot get enough of it. Refined and elegant, this trend remains around in 2018. Letter stacking works well with contrasting colours. It is an accurate way to achieve originality and the attention of potential customers.

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Arms Shield

The year 2017 brought us several logos that imitate old coats of arms, emblems, stamps, etc. Text is usually placed in a circle or semicircle, with dates as a common element.

Reserved colours and clear graphic forms create strong retro feelings. Such logos evoke associations with tradition, heritage and longevity.

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In the logo design, the slices are wide parallel lines that “cut” the logo. This trend will become even bigger in 2018, and this is why. First, slicing adds some air to the emblem, making it easier to absorb. Secondly, you can use this technique to add smart effects and visual illusion (think of negative space). And last but not least, slices give your logo a structured three-dimensional look.

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Negative space

This technique does not require any introduction. Negative space logos have been in existence for a few years, and 2018 will be no exception. The trend has evolved over the years and has shifted from logo marks to logotypes. Now we see more text logos with shapes and images hidden in or between the letters.


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Text as Background

It seems that 2017 was dominated by logotypes. In this technique, designers have also experimented with letter spacing, spacing, font combinations and much more. Look at the masterpieces you can create with a little imagination! Are we going to see more of these graphic highlights in 2018? Be sure!

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Gradients and color transitions

Graphic designers have rediscovered the power of gradients in 2016-2017, but the trend will not soon fade. Colour gradients can be successfully applied to both pictograms and text, especially for a solid, voluminous font.

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Overlapping vivid colours create a brand new tint, giving depth to the design. The recent revision of the MasterCard logo has brought the technique back to life, proving it is suitable for all types of brands, including high-profile companies.

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Although it is being replaced by minimalist trends (as discussed above), lettering retains its position. An abundance of industries, including cafes, hairdresser’s shops and photo studios, will continue to explore the power of this trend. Prepare to see more logotypes with intricate inscriptions!


It was! It would take a long time to cover all the popular techniques. Nevertheless, we have set out the most popular trends that you can watch out for in 2018.

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