Launching A New Product? Now Users Can Set ‘Buy On Instagram’ Reminders!

Launching A New Product? Now Users Can Set ‘Buy On Instagram’ Reminders!

Instagram is a platform just for product discovery before the latest test conducted on Monday. It wants to deliver an all-inclusive commerce experience that brands develop entire product plans around.

The new test is aimed at giving brands tools to build excitement around the launch of a new product/service. Users who have been eagerly waiting for their favourite brand to get the new product in the market can opt to be reminded when it is launched.

Launch Tag. On clicking “Set Reminder” users can set reminders for the launch date, time and preview product details on Instagram. With this option, notifications will pop-up just ahead of the launch.

Launch Sticker. A new sticker is also available in Stories, as shown on the left in the example above.

Why this piece of NEWS is important?

With this new reminder feature, it is predicted to expect a significant increase in the engagement, boost in the campaigns. The experience itself will be completely immersive and a boon for both company and users alike.

As a digital marketer, there cannot be a better Christmas gift than this one. However, complete utilization of such useful feature will also be dependent on the engagements you create over time.

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