Know About 3 New Targeting Options Added By Quora For Advertisers


Quora has recently introduced 3 new targeting options for the advertisers on the Q&A platform. Let just have an overview of what those new additions are:

Keyword History targeting

This option is an amalgamation of the features that are already in existence, which are ‘Keyword Targeting’ and ‘Question Targeting’. Now, it is easier to reach audiences who have shown an interest in a similar business subject as yours. The information is collected through keywords that are being used. The ads will be displayed on user’s feeds, topic feeds and question pages if they have visited the similar pages within a given time frame, let’s say within 20 days approximately.

Gender Targeting

Various companies produce products that are categorically gender-based, i.e., targeted to either men or women. The new option can help boost sales of such businesses by directly targeting the specific customer. This option is located under the Demographic Targeting. There have been 40% conversion rate lift observed by Quora during the beta and businesses may see further improved results from ads tailored to male and female audiences.

quora gender targeting

Image Source: MarketingLand

Browser Targeting

The company already offers the advertisers to target by mobile or desktop, however, now users can target ad set to a specific desktop browser such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. This option will prove to be effective and efficient for a software company that designs products for a specific browser.

Why is it important for digital marketers?

Did you know that Quora claims more than 300 million users each month? This claims its spot on the direct competition with major social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest. Since the inception of Quora’s ‘Self-Service ad platform’, it has been continuing to add new features, formats and capabilities.

A great marketing strategy for Quora will bolster up your business and increase traffic to the website.

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